Scientific program

OCEANOMICS is organized into 8 working groups.

OCEANOMICS relies on thousands of samples collected during the Tara Oceans expedition (2009-2012) and is based on 8 working groups divided into 3 interconnected operational themes. The detailed description of each working group is presented below.


  • Production of data and primary analysis: generating and processing environmental metadata, imaging and sequencing data.
  • Data integration and modeling: generating a unique access point for all data types and developing the tools required for a holistic understanding of planktonic ecosystems.
  • Applied research, transfer of knowledge and technologies: promoting a rational and sustainable use of plankton by seeking promising new applications for various industrial sectors and disseminating the acquired knowledge to all kinds of public.


Transversely, a group of lawyers endeavors to define and establish a legal and ethical framework suited for the protection and use of marine bioresources.

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Sample and data archiving

Work-Package 1 description
Manipulation de la rosette sur Tara

Environmental data

Work-Package 2 description

Morphological data

Work-Package 3 description
Fioles gènes

Genetic data

Work-Package 4 description
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Bioinformatics and ecosystems modeling

Work-Package 5 description
Marine bioprospection : legal, policy and ethical

Bioprospection: legal issues

Work-Package 6 description