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IncuCyte, a new tool for OCEANOMICS

IncuCyte® S3, a new equipment to support applied research in OCEANOMICS.

In the wake of OCEANOMICS and the current developments in automated plankton imaging (WP3), the KISSf platform keeps up: it has invested in a new equipment, the IncuCyte® S3. It will be used in order to carry out applied researches within the OCEANOMICS WP7. Interview with Stéphane Bach, senior research engineer, KISSf manager and WP7 leader, and Nathalie Desban, assistant engineer and supervisor of cellular assays in KISSf.
Deux nouvelles publications OCEANOMICS dans Nature Communications

Tara Oceans : discovery of over 100 millions genes from the marine world

Two new publications about data analysed in OCEANOMICS are published in Nature Communications on January 22th and 25th 2018. Here is the press release about these works.

Scientific program

OCEANOMICS is organized into 8 working groups.
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The plankton

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