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Ocean Gene Atlas, explore marine Big Data with nothing but a web browser

Ocean Gene Atlas, explore marine Big Data with nothing but a web browser

Researchers from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (Marseille) and the Roscoff Biological Station developed a website to easily query the recently published Tara-Oceans genomic resources.
Eric Karsenti élu membre de l'Acédémie des sciences

Eric Karsenti is a member of the French Académie des sciences

The reception ceremony of the new Members of the Académie des science took place on 29th May 2018. Eric Karsenti is one of them.
IncuCyte, a new tool for OCEANOMICS

IncuCyte® S3, a new equipment to support applied research in OCEANOMICS.

In the wake of OCEANOMICS and the current developments in automated plankton imaging (WP3), the KISSf platform keeps up: it has invested in a new equipment, the IncuCyte® S3. It will be used in order to carry out applied researches within the OCEANOMICS WP7. Interview with Stéphane Bach, senior research engineer, KISSf manager and WP7 leader, and Nathalie Desban, assistant engineer and supervisor of cellular assays in KISSf.
Deux nouvelles publications OCEANOMICS dans Nature Communications

Tara Oceans : discovery of over 100 millions genes from the marine world

Two new publications about data analysed in OCEANOMICS are published in Nature Communications on January 22th and 25th 2018. Here is the press release about these works.
R. Troublé and C. de Vargas giving a talk at Google about Tara Oceans

Talks at Google : R. Troublé and C. de Vargas present Tara's expeditions and results of Tara Oceans

The Talks at Google program brings speakers of all kinds to Google for talks centering on their work. On November 15th 2017, Romain Troublé and Colomban de Vargas talked about Tara's expeditions and ongoing works related to Tara Oceans, implemented through OCEANOMICS among others.
Abims platform, partenaire d'OCEANOMICS

Computational Biologist : job offer

ABiMS platform (OCEANOMICS partner) is looking for a junior bioanalyst in the context or ELIXIR Excelerate WP6.
Un état des lieux sur les recherches de Tara Oceans et OCEANOMICS en 2017

Tara Oceans / OCEANOMICS - State of the Art

The Tara Oceans (TO) project is approaching its 10th anniversary. Tara Oceans and OCEANOMICS consortia wrote a State of the Art which summarizes all samples, databases, results in basic and applied sciences, and the political and societal impacts of the program.
New OCEANOMICS publication

New OCEANOMICS publication in Nature

Giant plankton gains long-due attention
Nouvelle publication OCEANOMICS dans Nature Communications

New OCEANOMICS publication in Nature Communications

Nitrogen factories in the Cretaceous Oceans
Fioles gènes

Two PhD opportunities in Roscoff

2 PhD positions are available in the EPEP team (Groupe Plancton, Roscoff) and starting next September (2016)
Manipulation de la rosette sur Tara

Post-doctoral position available in Physical Oceanography

A post-doctoral position is available in the Physical Oceanography Tara Oceans group, under the OCEANOMICS project framework.